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Volunteering At The Festival

As many people know, the festival has now become an absolute favourite and it would not be possible without a team of wonderful, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers.
Volunteer applications for the 2018 festival can be made by completing the application form below.

If you volunteer for the 2018 festival you will receive festival pass - 10 hours volunteering entitles you to a Full Weekend Pass - and you will be most welcome to attend the Volunteers Party on Sunday night, plus you’ll experience the warm fuzzy feeling of being part of the Festival!

The roles (alone or in combination)

  • Festival Set up & Pull down crew: Includes the physical work of erecting marquees, gazebos, fences, stages, signage, as well as some sewing, decorating venues and stages, running errands, etc.
  • Camping crew: You are the first point of contact at the camping entrance including Camping Registrations and gates wristband attaching/checking
  • MC and Stage Managers: Experience required. introducing musicians at various venues and workshops
  • Clean-up crew: Staffing recycling gazebos, swapping bins & sorting if necessary, and checking tidiness of festival grounds
  • Festival crew: Checking wristbands at venues, keeping an eye on the tidiness of the grounds and wearing a smile while carrying a programme so you can answer questions and generally be helpful, and handing out festival survey forms.
  • Merchandising Crew: Experience required. Selling merchandise in shopfront.

Shifts are generally two to four hours in length. During the festival, shifts run from morning to late at night, depending on the Crews and Festival needs. We are happy to try and meet your shift preferences, however you may not get your first choice as there is a need to share the shifts around in an equitable way. 

Unfortunately our insurance company has informed us they will not insure volunteers over 75 years old.

Volunteer APPLICATION 2018

Please complete the Volunteer Application form below:

Confirm that you have read, understand and accept the conditions stated in the Volunteer Terms and Conditions PDF and agree to abide by them:
Please read and agree to Terms & Conditions.

1: read the information in the Volunteer Terms and Conditions PDF and agree to complete the required rostered hours during the festival. In exchange I am entitled to receive a full weekend pass and an invitation the Volunteer party.

2: I understand that if I do not fulfil my part of the agreement (ie collect my pass but do not turn up for my allocated shifts) I will not be invited back as a Volunteer to the Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival in coming years and will be asked to pay for my ticket. In the event of an accident, misadventure or illness I will contact my Coordinator or the Volunteer Hub at the earliest opportunity so that a replacement can be found.

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NOTE: Volunteers applying after 10/10/18 will receive their t-shirt in the post after the Festival weekend.

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