This Years Artists

Red Grenadier

red grenadierElly and Missy are children of the folk world, following their adopted music around the festivals. They appear together by festival fireside, bar or stage with ethereal songs - rounds from distant lands and languages, folksongs from the old celtic traditions, and fresh observations on the nature of the world - accompanied by guitar and fiddles.
As well as drawing on the folk traditions they love so dearly, both are surprisingly insightful songwriters for their years. Elly writes original songs marked by captivating melodies and incisive observations about friendships, love, and caring for yourself. As a counterpoint, Missy’s songwriting is steeped in the traditions of Britain and Ireland, but with a distinct Australian twist.
Red Grenadier have supported renowned English folk-singers Martyn Wyndham-Read, John Broomhall and Martin Pearson. You may have seen them appear both programmed and on blackboards at Illawarra Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Newstead Live! Music Festival, Mullumbimby Music Festival, Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass, and the National Folk Festival where they were finalists in the 2018 NFF Youth Folk Awards. Their performances have been remarked upon as being “mesmerising,” “magical,” and “full of joy for music.” Audiences can expect music that is chilling, gentle, poignant and lively by turn – you’ll want to listen again and again.