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Hoot and Holler

hoot and hollerHoot and Holler are the sum of two parts: guitarist Mark Kilianski and fiddler Amy Alvey. Each are songwriters dedicated to honing their craft. They are equally influenced by wordsmiths like Gillian Welch and Townes van Zandt as they are to authentic mountain musicians like Roscoe Holcomb and Ola Belle Reed. In 2016, they lived out of a camper van and played shows across the country. Their enduring love of American folk music will base them in Asheville, North Carolina come spring 2017.
Both have received scholarships to the Blackpot music camp as well as Augusta Heritage Center to study the stylistic nuances of cajun and appalachian music. When performing traditional music, be it old time/bluegrass/country, the priority remains of bringing their own voice to the stage.
Instrument swapping is common during a performance. Sometimes they don two guitars, other times switching to fiddle and banjo, seamlessly blending their vocals as they sing their songs infused with the vitality of the landscapes which they have traveled.
"I had only ever heard Amy and Mark play fiddle tunes, so I knew they had great instrumental and vocal skills. I'm the kind of guy that tends to listen only to traditional music, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I got a copy of their new CD. Surprise! I was delighted to discover that I really liked their original songs, too. Everything -- the instrumentals, vocals, songwriting, arrangements, and quality of recording -- is just wonderful. Congrats to Amy and Mark on a great new release."
-Brad Leftwich (Tom, Brad and Alice, Hogwire Stringband, The Humdingers)