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Jason Roweth

58b8f7926e7c7 Jason2A natural storyteller, Jason Roweth presents a dynamic combination of new and old Australian traditional poems, songs and yarns. He’ll take you on a journey, make you laugh, and make you think. A versatile performer, Jason effortlessly holds an audience in a small room, or under lights – he has a rare ability to make a large space feel small, bringing the relaxed warmth of a yarn on the verandah to the big stage.
Jason has spent the last twenty years as a singer, reciter and musician, researching, performing and recording Australian traditional music and poetry. He is a keen educator, performing regularly for primary school children in the Bathurst region, where he makes learning a byproduct of an interactive evening of singing, dancing and sharing stories under the stars.
When reciting, Jason draws from the great Australian writers - Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Denis Kevans, Roger Montgomery, John Dengate and many others less well known.
Jason’s skills have been recognised with some prestigious awards, including ABPA Golden Damper Winner 2016, National Folk Festival Reciter of the Year in 2015, and National Folk Festival Yarnspinner of the Year in 2013.
Jason's daughter Megan will also be appearing on stage at Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival.
At 11 years of age Megan Roweth already has 5 years of experience presenting poetry at Australian festivals and other events. She has won awards for her reciting and her original poetry.
"Megan Roweth’s delivery of this collection of classic Australian poetry is brimming with wit and a depth of perception beyond her years. One of her own poems, ‘Home’, heralds the beginning of what will no doubt be a long and marvellous career in soulful, truthful words and ideas. And besides, the lively and honeyed tones of her voice make for beautiful listening." - Kim Kelly (Writer) in response to Megan’s CD, ‘Saturdays in the Casual Room’.

Megan Roweth