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Two If By Sea & KLOK

TIBS KLOKIn 2016 Rachel, Trent, Roman and Joerg first collaborated for a one off performance in Vienna combining the varying influences of their individual musical careers to form a delightfully unique blend of exciting colours. The instrumental line up includes, Cellos, Mandolins, Guitars, Double Bass, Vocals with some delightful harmony
Trent Arkleysmith and Rachel Johnston both started their musical lives studying classical Cello and then took dramatically different paths- Trent running away with the circus and spending many years performing in various circus, theatre, music comedy and street theatre productions around Australia, Europe and Asia, and Rachel studying classical cello at conservatories in the UK, Europe and USA before coming to Australia to play in the Australian String Quartet. Rachel and Trent have delighted audiences with their mixture of original and traditional tunes drawn from Celtic, Scandinavian, American and Eastern European styles, and with their tasty combination of guitar, mandolins, cellos and harmony singing.
Two if by Sea & Klok present a delightfully eclectic mix of original and traditional tunes powered by the wonderfully virtuosic sounds of Rachel Johnston and Trent Arkleysmith on cellos, Mandolins and Guitar and the exhilarating rhythm section of Joerg Reissner (Guitar) and Roman Britschgi (Double bass) of Vienna based Trio Klok. Their music is influenced by Celtic, Scandinavian, Eastern European folk, Americana and new acoustic music with a touch of swing and some lovely harmony singing.Rachel Johnston, Cellist extraordinaire, grew up in New Zealand where she studied cello from early childhood. She completed her Masters at the London School of music, and later studied cello performance at the prestigious Julliard College of Music in New York and chamber music in Cologne with the Alban Berg Quartet. After performing with the Australian String Quartet for seven years, Rachel left the classical fold to explore non-classical styles and has since toured Australia with numerous pop and folk groups playing music from around the globe and building a reputation as a leading performer of extended non-classical techniques. Also performing on mandolin and as a vocalist, Rachel is a sought after musician both nationally and internationally.
Trent Arkleysmith, also studied classical Cello from early childhood, branching out to trumpet and guitar and undertaking studies at the Hobart Conservatorium of music. Shortly thereafter, Trent joined Brisbane’s Rock’n’roll Circus (Circa) as a musician and launched into the world of theatre and street arts, touring the world with the international award-winning Oskar and Strudel show and Vienna based troupe The Von Trolley Quartet. A very handy guitarist, mandolinist, cellist and vocalist, Trent’s passion for a variety of folk music from around the globe is also evident in his own compositions which have featured in film, radio and commercial recordings in Australia and Europe.
Vienna based Roman Britschgi is a Swiss born Composer and double bassist. Although Roman studied art in Vienna at the Academy of Fine Arts, his passion for music has always been at the forefront. Standing on a wooden box to reach the full extent of his double bass, Roman played with a Swiss bluegrass band in his childhood. A move to Vienna in his early twenties opened up the wonderful world of Klezmer, eastern European and Continental music. Roman began performing with such bands as Nimm Sofian and Großmütterchen Hatz Orchester, and became a founding member of the Von Trolley Quartet, Trio Klok, and most recently the Roman Britschgi Quartet. Roman is an innovative bass player and a highly respected and influential component of Vienna’s non-Classical music community.
Joerg Reissner, grew up with classical music teacher parents, in South Tirol, a mountainous area of Italy that was once a part of Austria. He moved to Vienna, also to study art at the Academy of Fine Arts, and although Joerg has proven to be quite a successful painter he never managed to escape his musical heritage. As a fine guitarist his playing as well as his own compositions have been deeply influenced by classical, jazz manouche, modern jazz, Klezmer, folk and Bluegrass. Joerg is a naturally intuitive musician and has been a key member of a number of highly appreciated Vienna based ensembles both present and past including Kapellusch, Trio Klok, B.A.R.D and Großmütterchen Hatz Orchester.