Festival Applications

Stall Holder Terms & Conditions

Stallholder Information and Terms & Conditions
Food and market stalls add colour and atmosphere to the Festival as well as being an opportunity for artists, makers and cooks to showcase their wares and produce. Our guidelines reflect the Festival’s principles and stall holders will be selected on the degree to which they comply with these criteria.
DF&BF Inc. will give priority to:
• Locally and regionally hand crafted or home-grown craft, art and produce.
• Good quality and innovative products supporting niche industries.
• Locally prepared foods with local produce
• Market stalls with a high quality and creative presentation
• All packaging must be biodegradable or recyclable. The DF&BF Inc. will not consider your application if you do not comply with this criteria.
Stalls may be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the Stalls Coordinator, this is not a personal choice but each stall is selected on the above criteria and stalls that represent the Festival well. Stalls may not be accepted to avoid duplication of products. The Stalls Coordinator reserves the right to select a variety of stalls to ensure diversity in the Stall Site.

  • WEATHER CONDITIONS: Dorrigo can experience very changeable weather conditions including heat, rain, storms (including hail), cold nights or windy conditions. We require you to take full responsibility for the safety of your stall and suggest you are prepared for everything!
  • STALL/SITE SIZE: Stall Size refers to the size of your stall only; Site Size refers to your stall plus any additional area requirements (tow bar, back of house needs, etc.). Having the dimensions of your whole site set up is crucial for us to be able to fit all stalls accepted onto the Festival site. If you are using your own van as your stall please make sure that measurements include tow bar, awnings, any seating provided, service side of van (rear or side), frontage size of site etc.
  • CAMPING: There is generally no provision for separate camping within the Festival zone/stalls area, however campsites are available elsewhere in the Showgrounds (cost $15 Per Stall/Per Night). For security reasons some stallholders may opt to camp in their gazebos/stall vans. Showers are available in the campground toilet blocks.
  • VEHICLE ACCESS: Movement within the Festival Zone is restricted to access for set up, delivery and pack down prior to 8:30am and after 10pm. You may carry supplies into the Festival site but cannot bring a car into the Festiva site within those hours. Requests for onsite vehicle parking may be granted for some sites at the discretion of the Stalls Coordinator. Vehicle parking is generally available very close by (50-100m) outside the Festival Zone. If for some urgent reason you need vehicle access during the Festival, please organise with the Stalls Coordinator or the on-duty Volunteer Coordinator.
  • POWER: It is essential that power requirements be accurately supplied so that we can try to accommodate your requests. All stalls using power must supply their own power leads, which must meet the Australian Standard for outside use and all leads and appliances must have a valid safety test tag. These will be checked during the Festival and if untagged/out of date, they will be disconnected. Generators are not acceptable as sound interference is not welcomed at acoustic events.
  • WATER: Again, please provide accurate information regarding water needs so that your stall can be placed appropriately. There are a limited number of taps. Stallholders need to supply their own hoses and/or buckets and obviously, for safety reasons, hoses cannot be laid across walking areas during festival operating hours.
  • ** WASTE MANAGEMENT: This year we are continuing our efforts to make Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival as environmentally friendly as possible. All stalls MUST use biodegradable packaging and utensils for their products– no plastics please. Stalls MUST NOT use plastic straws, plastic cups or sell single-use plastic water bottles. If you do not comply with this criteria, your future applications will not be considered.
    In place of single-use plastic water bottles we will provide Keep Cup walls. Patrons are invited to choose a mug to purchase their drinks in or get water in from the Filtered-water stations located around the festival site. The Festival will provide signs for the stalls stating that patrons must not purchase their drink in a dirty cup, and that they should return it to the dirty cup tray to be washed by volunteers, and collect a clean cup instead.
    Two “Rubbish Rooms” will be set up within the Festival area and overseen by volunteers. Rubbish, recycling and green waste bins will be available in them. Food vendors may opt to have a green bin behind their stall – if so, please indicate on your Registration Form.
    Obviously stallholders are responsible for keeping their sites safe, clean and tidy throughout the weekend and on vacating the site. Boxes and packaging must be flattened and left at the Rubbish Storage Depot (set up on the oval) or taken off-site with stallholders when leaving.
  • STALLHOLDERS CANNOT SELL CDS: The Merchandise Shop and side of stage sales by performers are the only outlets for CD sales and performer merchandise.
  • STALL POSITIONING: The final decision in positioning of stalls will be made by the Festival Committee. Requests can be considered but not guaranteed. The Festival Committee do not supply shade shelters or equipment – e.g. gazebos, umbrellas, chairs, tables, etc. for stall use. Tables and chairs however will be provided for patrons.
  • STALL STAFF Two Festival entry tickets will be issued for each food/coffee stall, and one ticket for all other stalls. Additional stall staff are offered half-price tickets for entry into the music venues – on arrival, please speak with Linda in the Festival Ticket Office to organize tickets and armbands.
    Food & Coffee stalls are required to operate Friday evening from 6pm until 10pm; Saturday 9am-10pm and Sunday 9am–4pm. Vendors are welcome to trade beyond these hours (e.g. breakfast or later at night if business warrants it). During quiet periods of the day (mid-afternoon e.g.) stalls selling meals are encouraged to sell lighter snack options so they remain open and maintain the ambience of the festival. Coffee vendors may begin trade earlier on Friday if they wish to do so.
    Non-food stalls are required to operate for a minimum of two days to maintain the ambience of the festival but are welcome to operate Friday and Saturday evenings if vendors wish to do so and have their own lighting. Minimum stall operating hours are Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 10am–4pm. Vendors may set up gazebos on the Friday even if they do not begin operating until Saturday. If setting up on Saturday, stalls must be prepared by 9am.
    The fees have been set as follows and cover attendance for the whole festival. There is no reduction for a one day attendance. Refunds will only be made if the event is cancelled.
    Stall Type Base Fee
  • Meals/coffee/snack with non-alcoholic drinks using onsite kiosk facility, including power. $480
  • Coffee/food/Ice cream/gelato/drinks (from own van or gazebo) 3.5- 7m frontage $420
  • Coffee/food/Ice cream/gelato/drinks (from own van or gazebo) up to 3.5m frontage $360
  • All other stalls - Australian handcrafted goods; other merchandise or Healing services
    3.5 - 7m frontage $185
  • All other stalls - Australian handcrafted goods; other merchandise or Healing services
    Up to 3.5m frontage $125
  • SECURITY: Security is the responsibility of the stall holder at all times. Stallholders are responsible for anything they bring to the Festival. The Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival Inc. Committee is not responsible for any loss or damage. The only times when security is on-site will be from 6pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE: All stallholders must have their own Public Liability Insurance cover. A copy of your certificate of currency must be provided and needs: (1) To show the amount of cover – generally $10 million; (2) Be in the name of the stall applicant (3) Show that the cover includes markets and/or fairs and that the coverage is Australia wide (4) Be for the correct type of insurance for the activity undertaken. Please check that the information on the document you are sending includes these four items. No stallholder can set up without this documentation being supplied to the Stalls Coordinator.
  • STALLHOLDERS ACCEPT ALL RESPONSIBILITY: For their own tax and legal obligations, superannuation and worker’s compensation.
  • STALLHOLDERS MUST COMPLY: With all government health and safety requirements and must carry all necessary permits and licences for operating their stall, including appropriate public liability insurance, and present them to festival organisers or Council workers upon request.
  • PAYMENT OF STALL FEES: Full payment of stall fees is required by the 1st October. Please contact the Stalls Coordinator to discuss your circumstances if you have difficulty meeting this deadline otherwise your site will be allocated to somebody else and you will miss out. Fees can be paid by direct debit to the Festival bank account: BSB 704 328 Acct Number 255 342 . Please enter your name or business name into the reference line so we know who is paying! Also, please email the Stalls Coordinator to notify of your payment & details of it (e.g. if payment includes staff entry tickets, camping etc

Stall Coordinator Contacts: Angela Sommers Rees, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.