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One Up, Two Down and Rachel Baiman

Date: 04 January 2018 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Venue: Megan Hall, Megan

Join us on the 4th of January 2018 for an evening of music in the Megan Hall with One Up, Two Down and Rachel Baiman. We will begin the evening at 6pm with a shared meal around the Hall's unique trestle table. Please bring either a savoury or sweet plate to share with everyone. The music will kick off around 7pm. Ticket prices to be announced. 

One Up, Two Down 

Three passionate young musicians hailing from three countries joined by the Pacific Ocean George Jackson, Andrew Small and Daniel Watkins epitomise this modern music era where distance is less of a barrier than ever and music style is traversed through social media. These three lean lads are armed with some exciting music, new and old, which they recently recorded in Nashville Tennessee. Together these connoisseurs of coffee bring raw old-time power with bowed bass, bluegrass dexterity and folk story telling. And to top it off, they’re pretty nice guys, if they do say so themselves.
George and Dan are very excited to introduce to Australia for the first time Andrew Small, who is a North Carolina native Double Bassist, Yale School of Music masters graduate who is immersed in the American old-time and Bluegrass music scene and is a performer with some of the biggest names in the business. George Jackson is the 7th generation in a line of New Zealand fiddlers dating back to the first settlers, a tradition bearer, composer and musical explorer. Daniel Watkins is a strong vocalist and encyclopedia of songs which he masterfully flat-picks on his Guitar hailing from Newcastle Australia.

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Rachel Baiman 

In many ways, Shame, the new album from 27-year-old Nashville Americana songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Baiman, is an exploration of growing up female in America. “I wasn’t necessarily trying to write songs that would be easy to listen to,” Baiman says of the project, “I wanted to write about reality, in all of it’s terror and beauty.” From the title track about abortion politics, to love, sex, and abuse in relationships, to classism and inequality in her re-write of Andy Irvine’s working class anthem “Never Tire of the Road,” the album is ambitious in its scope, yet remains cohesive through Baiman’s personal perspective. Despite the serious subject matter, the overall feeling of the album remains light, with the tongue-in-cheek “Getting Ready to Start (Getting Ready)” and feel-good anthem “Let them Go To Heaven.” A departure from her stripped-down work with progressive folk duo 10 String Symphony, Shame is lush and varied in instrumentation and musical texture.
Inspired in equal parts by John Hartford and Courtney Barnett, Baiman’s influences span a wide range, but years spent playing traditional music shine through in the album’s firmly rooted sound. For recording and production, Baiman turned to the talents of Mandolin Orange’s Andrew Marlin. “At the time that I was writing the music for this record, I was listening to all North Carolina-made albums, including Mandolin Orange and the album Andrew produced for Josh Oliver (Oliver is also featured heavily on Shame).” Shortly after reaching out to Marlin, Baiman traveled to Chapel Hill, NC for three intensive days in the studio. “The energy was amazing,” Baiman says. “It became clear that we were making something really special that needed to be finished.”
Added to the musical intensity was the context of the material they were recording—namely, how the songwriting on Shame sits within the current American political climate. “I think what is happening in the country right now has really shifted my career priorities, and brought the folk music community together. We are all suddenly seeing our purpose come into focus, and feeling a renewed responsibility to be a voice of unity and resistance.” In addition to the release of her new solo album, Baiman is the co-founder of a new political group called Folk Fights Back, a musician-led national organization that puts together benefit concerts and awareness events in response to the Trump administration.

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