2018 Performers

The Sinners

IMG 5983 Safety In Numbers on the Dorrigo main stageSAFETY IN NUMBERS (SINners)
Have you ever wanted to join in but don’t know where to start? Got an instrument hiding in the car boot? Love to sing, don’t know the songs? Watched a jam or three and wondered how do they do it? Join the Safety in Numbers ‘SINners’ group to learn some bluegrass gospel songs in the ‘safety’ of a large group. Learn by doing!

This is a workshop on how to put a song together and perform as a group - when to play loud, when to play soft, what a lead break is, the basics of bluegrass and the boom-chuck rhythm. No need to be shy, everyone is welcome. Beginners, singers, experienced players, those trying to master a second instrument - all can join in. We will learn two songs together in preparation for opening the gospel concert on Sunday morning. The larger the group the better – hence the name Safety In Numbers.

This continues a tradition started at the Bluegrass & Traditional Country Music Association monthly get-togethers in Sydney. The SINners meet every month, learn 3 songs and open the whiteboard concert... and learn the most important lesson of all, have fun playing music! The workshop will be hosted by Harold von Finster (a musician of many years’ experience) and Jacinta Connery (a beginner’s perspective - Jacinta started playing from scratch about five years ago).

Thanks to Lindsay Mar for the photo