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Flora Knight & Sean Donald

59114669cc5af FloraKnightSeanDonald photo by RCFlora Knight and Sean Donald are a duo who despite their disparate upbringings, coalesce to produce harmonious electricity.
As the electrons collide, one can discern soft yet exciting songs and tunes, anything from the sad to the humorous.
Fiddle player and singer Flora Knight (The Eastern, The Lonesome Pine Specials) was raised in New Zealand, where singer and guitar picker Sean Donald (The All Day Breakfast Stringband, Pigeonhawk SB) was raised in Canada and now just a stones throw away from Knight, resides in Dunedin New Zealand. The music that Sean and Flora play is reminiscent of a bygone era that resist the wear of time.
Whether it's a rip roaring ragtime fiddle tune, a mournful country classic, or a sweet and silly waltz they will have you on your toes both figuratively and literally.
Their two voices blend beautifully to capture the tight country duet harmonies of the great turn of the century brother duets such as The Louvin Brothers and The Delmore Brothers. The fiddle tunes you will hear are largely steeped in the traditions of American folk music from the Appalachian mountains and through the Ozarks, and the silvery melodies will have you wish for reincarnation as Flora's fiddle itself. Together their music is a dreamboat sailing on a moonlit ocean.
2017 will see Flora and Sean release and tour their debut album that they recorded live at the infamous Chicks Hotel, Dunedin.

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