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The Daughters of the Rum Rebellion

BushrangersStandZiggyWEBThe Daughters of the Rum Rebellion tells the true story of the three female bush rangers who terrorised colonial Australia; Lady Bushranger Jessie Hickman, Black Mary of Tasmania and Maryanne Bugg, Captain Thunderbolt's long term mistress. Gleny Rae and Ilona Harker weave the forgotten tales of these resilient women into their own personal fantasy of being female bush rangers. With a combination of songs and stories, audiences will be transported to another time when cattle duffing offered the poor a means to escape their desperate circumstances.
Gleny Rae’s character Madam Ironbark is a tenacious and righteous Bushranger and rodeo rider, who robs from the rich and gives to the poor, while Ilona’s creation, Lady Moonlight is a duplicitous siren who seduces men and then robs them of everything, including their boots.
Lady Moonlight and Madame Ironbark also perform a roving street performance, where they attempt to rob handsome men of their boots and pride, while recounting tales of their daring deeds and singing bawdy songs!


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