2018 Performers

Chloë & Jason Roweth

58b8f3a525841 CJ Scrumpy 2 HighChloë & Jason Roweth bring you the songs and poems of the
kitchen, the verandah, the shearer’s huts, the local pub - and the
yarns that go with them. Pieces are tied together musically and
thematically, music running under poems and expanding into
songs, weaving together and driving forward diverse threads of the
Australian tradition.
The Roweths have enjoyed repeat bookings at music festivals
around Australia. They have received recognition for both their
music and poetry performance; their CD “A Voice That Was Still”
was named the National Film and Sound Archive Folk Album of
the Year at the National Folk Festival in 2010, and Jason was
awarded the ABPA Golden Damper Traditional Reciter 2016, NFF
Reciter of the Year in 2015, and NFF Yarnspinner of the Year in



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